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Music is a huge part of my life!!  I was born into a very musical family; there are four generations of singers in my family.  I grew up listening to my grandmother sing hymns, my Mom and I always had the radio tuned to the country station in my hometown in Indiana and we even had a jukebox at home.  My favorites were the 50-60’s, the Beatles, and Patsy Cline.   Recently, I found my old baby book and found an entry where my Mom

wrote …“Gayle’s favorite TV show is American Band Stand; she seems mesmerized by all the singers.  She watches and listens so careful, I just know she is going to be a singer!!  I can’t remember a time in my life I didn’t dream of being a singer.  I think I may have even been a singer in a previous life too, that is how much it is a part of me.

I began singing professionally soon after moving to Naples.  It was time to start making my dreams a reality!!  My daughter, Angela and I took lessons at The Oxford School of Music in Fort Myers and we started a “Mother-Daughter Duo”.  Not long after, I was invited to be part of a trio and later I went on to sing for almost ten years with a well-known local band, “The Night Train Band”.  I owe a debt of gratitude to Night Train band leader, Victor Tommarchi, for having so much faith in me. Being part of Night Train was one of the proudest moments in my career.  It was a great group and the band members were all like family to me.  One of my most exciting experiences was, the recording my first CD.  I was offered an opportunity to record in Miami at the Crescent Moon Studio, owned by Gloria Estefan.  Eric Schilling, Miss Estefan’s Studio Engineer, did the mix down of my music and it is something I will never forget.  He was awesome!!

In 2006, Michael and I formed Quiet Storm.  The very first time Michael and I sang together, it was pure magic!   Everything just fell into place, and it was like we’d been together for years.  Michael has a terrific voice and a real passion for singing.  He puts his heart and soul into his music and you can hear in it everyone one of his songs.  We both feel so blessed and fortunate to had seven wonderful years together. our partnership was fun, exciting and a dream come true.  

I now have a new chapter in my life, singing again with my daughter, angela.  She is a wonderful singer and I am so proud of her!   I am so Excited for us!

The love and support from my family and friends is what encourages me every day to keep singing and for that I am forever grateful, God has been very good to me.

Please listen to a sample of our music here on our website, we would love the opportunity to share our love for music, singing and fun with you!!

three years old and already getting the feel for the mic!
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